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Every year the GraduateCenterLMU provides about 50 transferable skills workshops for the further qualification of doctoral candidates. Some workshops are also open to graduates or postdoctoral researchers.

The qualification concept of the GraduateCenterLMU is aimed towards a system of meeting the diverse needs of doctoral candidates. Thus there are workshops:

  • for different phases of the doctoral studies (starting, working, writing and final phases)
  • for doctoral candidates from all disciplines
  • for doctoral candidates of specific areas (Humanities, Social or Natural Sciences)
  • for developing competencies in scientific work
  • for developing general competencies
  • in German and in English

There are three different categories of workshops.

We regularly provide the latest information on our workshop program through our newsletter.

General information about participation in our workshops can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any questions concerning the accessibility of a workshop please contact us.

Events, which are being conducted in English, are marked with an asterisk *.


For the time being, there will be no on-site events at the GraduateCenterLMU. However, some events will be held as webinars. Already registered participants will be informed by email. Further information can be found on this website and in our newsletter.

Current Program

Teaching Skills – Online* (Webinar)
- fully booked -

Qualitative Datenanalyse mit MAXQDA (Sozialwissenschaften) (Webinar)
08.-10. und 12.06.2020
- fully booked; registration for the waiting list -

Prokrastination überwinden, zufriedener promovieren (Webinar)
Kursphase 15.06.-10.07.2020
- fully booked; registration for the waiting list -

Pitch dein Promotionsprojekt (Webinar)
- fully booked; registration for the waiting list -

Was kommt nach der Promotion? Den Übergang erfolgreich gestalten (Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften) (Webinar)
24. sowie 25. oder 26.06.2020

Entscheidungen treffen (Webinar)
- new date; fully booked; registration for the waiting list -

Betreuungsverhältnisse gestalten - gut betreuen und gut betreut werden (Webinar)
- fully booked; registration for the waiting list -

Stimmtraining (Webinar)
07., 14., 21. und 28.07.2020

Quellenrecherche im Archiv (Webinar)
(auch für künftige Promovierende)

Giving Academic Talks in English*
- new date; fully booked -

Der qualitative Forschungsprozess - Daten erheben, transkribieren, analysieren, berichten
- new date -