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Further Training

Apart from the GraduateCenterLMU, other institutions within and outside LMU also offer advanced training opportunities for doctoral candidates and postdocs.

LMU Extra
This is a special program offered by the LMU University Women's Representative for doctoral candidates towards the end of the doctorate and for postdocs.

PROFiL is LMU's central tutor training program.

Gender and Diversity in Teaching
The LMU University Women's Representative organizes seminars on gender and diversity in teaching.

Center for Leadership and People Management
The LMU Center for Leadership and People Management offers seminars about leadership.

Research Funding Office
LMU's Research Funding Office organizes information sessions and workshops on the subject of raising funds externally.

PersonalEntwicklung KUM
Employees of the LMU University Hospital can make use of the educational services offered by the personnel development department.

University Library
The LMU University Library offers introductions to bibliography software (Citavi, EndNote) and online search for scientific literature.

Bavarian State Library
The Bavarian State Library regularly offers general introductions, as well as various topic specific events.

Leibniz Supercomputing Center
Enrolled doctoral candidates and employees of LMU Munich may participate in software courses offered by the Leibniz Supercomputing Center.

IT Department
Doctoral candidates and postdocs who are employees of LMU Munich are permitted to attend the IT courses run by the IT department.

Center for Digital Humanities
For doctoral candidates and researchers in the Humanities, the LMU Center for Digital Humanities offers courses in various IT competencies.

Digital Humanities and Social Sciences Work Group
The Digital Humanities and Social Sciences Work Group in Munich runs a Digital Humanities Summer School.

Statistical Consultancy Laboratory
The LMU Statistical Consultancy Laboratory offers support and courses on statistical questions.

Language Center
Enrolled doctoral candidates may participate in language courses offered by the LMU Language Center.

International Office
The International Office offers German language courses for international doctoral candidates and postdocs.

Deutschkurse bei der Universität München e.V.
The institution German Language Courses at Universität München e.V. teaches German as a foreign language.

Student und Arbeitsmarkt
Students and doctoral candidates in all subjects can acquire further qualifications which will be useful for beginning their career via the LMU career service, "Student und Arbeitsmarkt".

Munich Employment Agency
The Munich Employment Agency offers a special program for students at institutions for higher education which includes events concerning career entry.

Students and doctoral candidates can participate in the "InnovationsGeist" qualification program run by LMU. This program teaches the skills needed for start-up ventures.