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Doctoral Studies

The doctorate serves to demonstrate the ability of the doctoral candidate to independently perform detailed academic work. It is based on a scientific dissertation and an oral examination, which takes the form of either an oral defense of the dissertation (Disputation) or a broader oral examination which includes the topic of the dissertation as well as other subjects (Rigorosum).

The dissertation topic is agreed upon with the doctoral supervisor, and the doctoral researcher produces the dissertation to demonstrate the new academic knowledge gained during the doctoral project. The doctoral degree is awarded upon fulfillment of the following criteria: acceptance of the dissertation, passing the oral defense/examination and the publication of the dissertation. 

The doctoral project may be conducted either in the form of an individually supervised project or within the framework of a structured doctoral program.

As a genuine "universitas" with a broad and diverse spectrum of teaching and research, LMU Munich offers a multitude of possible doctorates in over 100 subjects. Around 1,300 doctoral degrees are awarded every year at LMU Munich.

Depending on the faculty, the following doctoral degrees are conferred at LMU: Dr. theol., Dr. iur. can., Dr. jur., Dr. oec. publ., Dr. med., Dr. med. dent., Dr. rer. biol. hum., Dr. med. vet., Dr. rer. biol. vet., Dr. rer. nat., Dr. phil., Dr. rer. pol., Dr. rer. soc., Ph.D.

Introductory information on doctoral studies can be found at Orientation.