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  • Workshops

    The GraduateCenter organizes about 50 workshops every year for interdisciplinary qualifications. All these workshops are geared towards doctoral candidates, whereas some are also suitable for postdocs or those interested in pursuing doctoral studies. The subjects covered in these workshops range from work methods and techniques to communication skills, presentation, starting a job and pursuing a career. more

  • Kurz & bündig

    "Kurz & bündig" is a series of events organized by the GraduateCenter. In two-hour interactive lectures, (future) doctoral candidates receive information, food for thought and tips on various topics that may be relevant in the course of their doctoral studies. more

  • Doktorand*innentag 2022 – Promovieren in der Krise?

    The Doktorand*innentage offer information, orientation and exchange for (prospective) doctoral candidates. more

  • Podcast "Diss & Co"

    In its new Podcast "Diss & Co" the GraduateCenter provides tips and advice for doctoral candidates – from getting started to dealing with stress. more

  • E-Learning Courses

    The GraduateCenter e-learning courses provide introductory interdisciplinary information on responsible conduct in research and science and on research data and research data management. more

  • Event "Responsible Research"

    A campus-wide virtual event on the topic of responsible conduct in research was held on March 25 and 26, 2021. The event was organized by 20 life science graduate programs in the greater Munich area and the GraduateCenter. more

  • Photography Contest

    From 2009 to 2020, the GraduateCenter held an annual photography contest for LMU doctoral candidates focusing on themes related to doctoral studies. more

  • Further Training

    Apart from the GraduateCenter, other institutions within and outside LMU also offer advanced training opportunities for doctoral candidates and postdocs. more