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Key Qualifications

Irrespective of whether a junior academic wishes to pursue an academic career or enter a different field of work, it may be helpful to gain certain key qualifications or expand on existing qualifications.

The GraduateCenterLMU offers a broad program of interdisciplinary workshops for doctoral candidates and postdocs, as well as workshops for postdocs on supervising doctoral candidates.

In addition, a number of further LMU units offer interdisciplinary or subject-specific courses on topics such as business administration, communication, foreign languages, IT, leadership, project management, teaching, third-party funding, etc.



When planning a career, it is always helpful to chat with people who are at the same career stage or have already taken the next steps.

docphil, the platform for doctoral candidates in the Humanities at LMU, regularly organizes round tables and networking opportunities for doctoral candidates.

The HochschulForum organizes the regular ThinkFood event for academic staff.

Further networks for young academics include: