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Doctoral Programs

Participation in a Doctoral Program | First Steps

Participation in a Doctoral Program

LMU Munich offers a wide range of structured doctoral programs.

Doctoral programs (Research Training Groups/Graduate Schools/International Doctoral Programs) are jointly supported by several professors. It is often an association of representatives from related fields. While some doctoral programs focus on a specific research question, others are set up more broadly. The doctoral programs offer the participating doctoral candidates a structured framework for working on their dissertations.

In general, the doctoral candidates are intensively supervised, often by more than one professor. Doctoral programs are also usually geared towards a three-year curriculum with discipline-specific and interdisciplinary courses. They provide opportunities for scientific exchange and networking with other scientists at national and international levels. Many programs provide financing options for participating doctoral candidates.

If you are interested in joining a doctoral program, please inform yourself on the website of the program with regard to the application requirements and deadlines. You will also find the contact details of the respective scientific coordinator/manager to whom you can turn with questions.

The selection of participating doctoral candidates takes place using a competitive selection process. Following a successful application, participants are assisted by the doctoral program in the further administrative steps. Please note that admission to a doctoral program does not automatically include the additionally required acceptance as a doctoral candidate at the faculty. This must be requested separately.


First Steps

  • Selection of a suitable doctoral program
  • Application by respective deadline
  • Participation in the competitive selection process
  • In the event of successful application, the program provides support in the further administrative steps (e.g. applying for the additionally required acceptance as a doctoral candidate at the faculty, and possibly in the enrollment process).