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Code of Practice

The GraduateCenterLMU wants to make a contribution towards optimizing the conditions for doctoral studies at LMU Munich. The recommendations for the organisation of doctoral studies are aimed at developing the transparency and the results-oriented focus in the supervision of doctoral candidates. They are especially meant to provide indications on what the participants may expect from each other.

Recommendations for the organisation of doctoral studies at LMU Munich (Code of Practice) (pdf)

Supervision Agreement

On the basis of a supervision agreement, professors and doctoral candidates can agree on the form of the supervisory relationship.

Supervision agreement (pdf)

Finding a Supervisor

If you are interested in individual doctoral studies you are usually expected to find a supervisor (Doktorvater/Doktormutter) for your intended doctoral project by yourself. Please inform yourself about the various subjects on the faculty websites before you contact potential supervisors. Sometimes the respective academic counseling provides support with orientation within a faculty. If you are interested in joining a doctoral program, please inform yourself on the website of the respective program about the application requirements and deadlines.

Supervisor Workshops

For supervisors the GraduateCenterLMU offers workshops (in German) for exchanging and discussing experiences.