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Each year the GraduateCenterLMU provides about 50 transferable skills workshops for the further qualification of doctoral candidates. Some workshops are also open to graduates or postdoctoral researchers.

The qualification concept of the GraduateCenterLMU is aimed towards a system of meeting the diverse needs of doctoral candidates. Thus there are workshops:

  • for different phases of the doctoral studies (starting, working, writing and final phases)
  • for doctoral candidates from all disciplines
  • for doctoral candidates of specific areas (humanities, social or natural sciences)
  • for developing competencies in scientific work
  • for developing general competencies
  • in German and in English

We regularly provide the latest information on our workshop program through our newsletter.

General information about participation in our workshops can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any questions concerning the accessibility of a workshop please contact us.

Events, which are being conducted in English, are marked with an asterisk *.

Events organized by other institutions are listed below.

GraduateCenterLMU Workshops

Strategisch Netzwerken in der Wissenschaft
- fully booked; registration for waiting list -

Kompetenzbilanz – Selbstmarketing in der Wissenschaft
- fully booked; registration for waiting list -

Projekt Promotion – Sich nachhaltig motivieren & erfolgreich promovieren
- fully booked; registration for waiting list -

Teams und Gruppen leiten

Stipendienanträge schreiben (Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften)

Lehrkompetenz – miniPROFiL

Writing and Publishing of Papers, Reviews and Theses (Life Sciences)*


Souverän die Disputatio bewältigen (Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften)

Literaturverwaltung mit EndNote

Qualitative Datenanalyse mit MAXQDA (Sozialwissenschaften)

Karriere in der Wissenschaft
(auch für Postdoktoranden)

Grant Writing (Natural Sciences)*

Promotion – und dann? (Natur- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften)

Was kommt nach der Promotion? Den Übergang erfolgreich gestalten (Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften)
21. und 22. bzw. 23.11.2017

Project and Time Management (Natural Sciences)*
(also for postdocs)

Working in International Teams – Strategies for Intercultural Collaboration*
(also for postdocs)

Optimizing Reading Strategies in English (Natural Sciences)*



Events by Other Institutions

In-service Training
Doctoral candidates and postdocs who are employees of LMU Munich may participate in training offered by LMU's In-service Training.

LMU Extra
This is a special program offered by the women's representative of LMU Munich for young academics towards the end of the doctorate.

Center for Leadership and People Management
The LMU Center for Leadership and People Management offers seminars on leadership.

University Library
The central university library frequently offers introductions to bibliography software (Ctitavi, EndNote) and online search for scientific literature.

Bavarian State Library
The Bavarian State Library regularly offers general introductions, as well as various topic specific events.

Leibniz Supercomputing Center
Enrolled doctoral candidates and employees of LMU Munich may participate in software courses offered by the Leibniz Supercomputing Center.

IT-Group Humanities
For doctoral candidates and researchers in the humanities, the IT-Group offers courses in various IT-competencies.

LMU Speech Center
Enrolled doctoral candidates may participate in language courses offered by the LMU Speech Center.

International Office
The International Office offers German language courses for international doctoral candidates and postdocs.

German Language Courses at Universität München e.V.
The institution German Language Courses at Universität München e.V. teaches German as a foreign language.

Agency for Labor
The Agency for Labor in Munich offers a special program for students at institutions for higher education which includes events concerning career entry.

Enrolled doctoral candidates may participate in courses offered by LMU InnovationsGeist which address primarily students from the humanities and social sciences.