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Molecular Evolution in Prebiotic Environments

DFG: TRR 392 - Integrated Research Training Group

Understanding molecular evolution in prebiotic environments is a multi-faceted topic that requires prebiotic and evolutionary modelling by applying a diverse and state-of-the-art set of physical, chemical, biological, geological, astronomical, and theoretical techniques in a cross-disciplinary and highly collaborative approach. The Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG) offers to its doctoral candidates a dense and interdisciplinary network using the cross-disciplinary and collaborative approach as the main path. The Graduate Program is based on state-of-the-art and internationally established standards of excellent doctoral education and designed to train the doctoral candidates to become independent, highly interactive, communicative and collaborative researchers beyond the comfort zone of their home disciplines. The comprehensive qualification program includes general scientific training as well as tailored modules like method trainings and transferable skill courses, and career development workshops to prepare the doctoral candidates for an academic career as well as a career outside academia.