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Doctoral Program Medieval and Renaissance Studies

The variety and scope of the research on the Middle Ages and the Renaissance carried out at LMU Munich is unique within Germany. The aim of the interdisciplinary doctoral program of the Center of Medieval and Renaissance Studies (ZMR) is to facilitate the early integration of young academics into the stimulating research landscape in Munich. Lecturers and professors from the faculties of Literature, Language, History, Art, Music, Law, Archaeology and Philosophy participate in the program, which offers the participants flexible structures that promote independent research work and are designed to facilitate the completion of the doctoral project within three years. The program encompasses elements of practical training as well as a wide range of subject-specific and interdisciplinary modules. Courses and events that are specially tailored to the needs of the doctoral candidates guarantee that there is a regular, intensive exchange of information and ideas amongst the doctoral candidates themselves and with the supervising professors and lecturers. Workshops and conferences, which are held with guests and with partner institutions from home and abroad, complement the program and support the building of international networks.