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Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies

Excellence Initiative: Graduate School 1046

Located at LMU Munich and Universität Regensburg, the Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies provides an excellent framework for innovative research projects investigating history, politics, law, language, culture, and the arts in Eastern and Southeastern Europe. The individual projects introduce new prospects for discussion and cooperation across the disciplines. In a ground-breaking approach the region is regarded in its interdependencies with other world regions, such as East Asia, Turkey, Western Europe, or North America, as East and Southeast European societies are strongly influenced by transregional relations such as migration, or the antagonism between "East" and "West" during the Cold War period. Vice versa, European history can only be fully understood if Eastern and Southeastern Europe are conceived as integral parts of European history.
The curriculum is designed to support doctoral candidates in their future career plans inside or outside academia, for example in national and international organizations or administration units, political consulting, media, cultural education, or the private sector.