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Chromatin Dynamics

DFG: SFB 1064 - Integrated Research Training Group

SFB 1064 is a Collaborative Research Centre in which research teams from LMU Munich and Helmholtz Zentrum München explore basic principles of chromatin structure, gene regulation and nuclear architecture. The interdisciplinary nature of the Collaborative Research Centre, which clusters expertise in molecular virology, cell biology, structural biology and biochemistry, provides a strong basis for ambitious doctoral projects within this research field. The Research Centre's doctoral program, PhD-TM, creates an environment in which doctoral candidates are exposed to a variety of different topics, broadening their scientific and personal horizons and promoting cross-frontier thinking. Special emphasis is placed on the research training program, including an SFB seminar series, workshops on special experimental techniques as well as transferable skills training and annual events like doctoral retreats or "mini symposia". Doctoral candidates are encouraged to actively participate in the planning and organization of the program.