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Ph.D. Program Medical Research in Cardiovascular Science

The "Ph.D. Program Medical Research in Cardiovascular Science" is a collaborative effort between various departments of the LMU University Hospital and LMU, under the umbrella of the Munich Medical Research School.
This interdisciplinary full-time doctoral program offers comprehensive training to both national and international doctoral candidates in various aspects of cardiovascular science. From cardiology to vascular and cardiac surgery, including pediatric cardiac procedures, the curriculum is designed to push the boundaries of research in this field.
Doctoral candidates have the opportunity to join international research groups focusing on the development, pathophysiology, and control of the cardiovascular system, as well as exploring causes, consequences, and therapeutic approaches for cardiovascular diseases. The research spectrum of this program spans from basic laboratory investigations to clinical trials, bridging natural science research with clinical medical studies.
The program welcomes applicants from diverse backgrounds, including the life sciences, medicine, and related disciplines such as medical engineering, veterinary medicine, and epidemiology. The doctoral candidates work closely with a thesis advisory committee to define their research goals and curricular content, ensuring optimal subject and interdisciplinary qualifications tailored to specific needs.