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Evaluation of Doctoral Programs

The GraduateCenterLMU supports LMU doctoral programs in the field of quality assurance.

Not only are the programs supported in conducting course evaluations and in developing relevant tools for evaluation. The GraduateCenterLMU also conducts evaluations of doctoral programs. These evaluations include various successive survey modules, which are tailored to the specific requirements and needs of the program as discussed with those responsible, and are used to comprehensively analyze strengths and weaknesses.

By conducting what is virtually an external audit through the GraduateCenterLMU, this evaluation is able to look objectively at the program's internal structures and processes, and guarantees all parties involved a maximum level of confidentiality.

An Overview of the Approach

  • program-specific: specifiable, combinable survey modules
  • for all target groups: reflection of the program's internal structures and processes from a variety of perspectives, by taking into account different groups of persons involved
  • specific: identifying areas where action needs to be taken
  • holistic: comprehensive analysis of strengths and weaknesses
  • independent: objectivity and anonymity ensured thanks to what is virtually an external audit


Contact: Veronika Krönert