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Advisory and Counseling Services

Doctoral Studies | Diversity | Conflicts and Crises

Doctoral Studies

For comprehensive information on pursuing a doctoral degree at LMU Munich, please look at our Doctoral Studies and Career pages (including comments for initial orientation). If you have any questions on specific doctoral programs, please talk directly to the coordinator / managing director of the respective program.

The following lists various advisory and counseling services offered in the fields of diversity, conflicts and crises.

If you have any more questions, please contact the GraduateCenterLMU, where staff will be happy to help you or refer you to a suitable contact person.



By signing the Diversity Charter, LMU Munich has committed itself to a culture of mutual respect and regard for the diversity of all its members.

The Office for Equality and Inclusion acts as a central interface for all services and activities relating to diversity at the university.

Where advice or counseling is required, doctoral candidates who are enrolled at the university can make use of the broad advisory network offered by the Munich Student Union.

Furthermore, there are various counseling centers and professionals who can provide information and support on a range of subjects.


Doctoral candidates who are enrolled at the university can turn to the Office for Disability Services for advice and support or to the Representative for the Disabled (Beauftragter für Studierende mit Behinderung und chronischer Erkrankung).

Doctoral candidates employed by the university can turn to the Representative for the Disabled (Vertrauensfrau der Menschen mit Behinderung an der LMU).

Equal Opportunities, Family

The University Women's Representative is responsible for preventing discrimination against female academics, lecturers and students, and for supporting the university in ensuring men and women are offered equal opportunities. The university women's representative is supported by Women's Representatives of the faculties.

The Advisory Service for Students with Children provides students and enrolled doctoral candidates with information on how to combine family life and studying.

The Family Service offers advice to LMU staff and helps them find suitable childcare.

International Affairs

By signing the National Code of Conduct on Foreign Students at German Universities, LMU Munich has committed itself to providing international students with high-quality academic, language and social support, advice and counseling.

The Intercultural Counseling Center offers international students and doctoral candidates who are enrolled at the university support with all the questions relating to university life that arise as they find their feet in a new culture and way of life.

International doctoral candidates can make use of the services offered by the International Office. The unit also supports international doctoral candidates and postdocs with the program.


In the Teachers' Portal of the Office for Disability Services, you will find information and tips on teaching students with disabilities.

PROFiL, a teacher training program, offers specialized seminars on various aspects of diversity in teaching.

The University Women's Representative organizes a series of seminars on the subject of "Gender and Diversity in Teaching", which covers aspects of gender equity in teaching.


Conflicts and Crises

Before or while writing a dissertation, doctoral candidates may face uncertainties, problems, conflicts or crises. In such situations, they can make use of a wide range of services which provide information, counseling and support. Depending on the issue in question, doctoral candidates can turn to their faculty or the respective doctorate board, the Conflict Resolution Officers or the Representative for Academic Self-regulation.

In the event of conflicts or crises, doctoral candidates who are enrolled at the university can also apply to the advisory network offered by the Munich Student Union. Doctoral candidates who are employed by the university can contact the In-house Medical Service, which offers counseling, coaching, crisis intervention, mediation and moderation.

The International Counseling Center is also the contact office for complaints for international students. The Munich counseling center BEFORE offers consultation and support for people confronted by discrimination, racism and right-wing violence.

Information on sexual harassment and an overview of counseling centers that students and staff can contact can be found on the Women's University Representative's website. Once a month, the women's representative offers an open consultation together with the counseling center "Frauennotruf München".

The GraduateCenterLMU will be happy to assist you in finding the right person to help you with your concern.