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Emergence of Life: Exploring Mechanisms with Cross-Disciplinary Experiments

DFG: SFB Transregio 235 – Integrated Research Training Group

The Collaborative Research Center TRR 235 "Emergence of Life" is a cross-disciplinary network of researchers from different scientific institutions. The TRR 235 aims at experimentally demonstrating a cascade of mechanisms producing life from ordinary matter. Such an undertaking requires prebiotic and evolutionary modeling by applying a diverse set of physical, chemical, biological, geological, astronomical and theoretical techniques in a collaborative approach. The projects within the TRR 235 are jointly designed and led by two principal investigators with complementary expertise.
The Integrated Research Training Group of the TRR 235 offers its doctoral candidates a curriculum that covers general and specific scientific training such as method workshops and compact courses as well as interdisciplinary seminars and conferences and transferable skills workshops.