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Doctoral Program of Modern and Contemporary History (ProMoHist)

The aim of ProMoHist is to help doctoral candidates of Modern and Contemporary History (16th–20th centuries) to develop a more methodical and systematic approach to research in an area which has been characterized for some time by a considerable pluralisation of theoretical approaches, methods and content-related perspectives. The program aims to enhance the methodological and theoretical skills of the doctoral candidates, encourage them to use their own initiative as independent researchers, and make their achievements visible to the outside world. The main focus of ProMoHist is on the doctoral dissertation: its conception, research, and completion. The structured program with its targeted support ensures that doctoral studies can be better planned and are more efficient. The joint involvement of the individual doctoral candidates, who are each conducting his or her own independent research, in a group of their fellows helps to tap into and further develop their academic potential. ProMoHist provides participants with assistance in preparing applications for grants and external funding and encourages the doctoral candidates to form networks with research institutions at home and abroad. Doctoral candidates' meetings and colloquia, post-graduate seminars, workshops and summer schools give the doctoral candidates the opportunity to develop subject-specific qualifications and discuss their results, thereby strengthening their integration into professional circles.