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MIMESIS: Munich Doctoral Program for Literature and the Arts

Elite Network of Bavaria: International Doctoral Program

MIMESIS is dedicated to innovative doctoral research in the fields of literature and the arts, with special emphasis on historical, theoretical and transdisciplinary perspectives. With its broad spectrum of participating disciplines, the program offers a forum for cooperation between projects in literature, theatre, performance, music, film studies, architecture and the visual arts. Its research program is framed by the term mimesis, a key concept throughout the history of the arts, right up to the most recent developments in critical and cultural theory.
In collaboration with the Technische Universität München and the University of Television and Film Munich, MIMESIS is integrated in a rich research landscape. The curriculum combines seminars, workshops, lecture series and master classes. Further key components of its profile are exchange programs with international partner universities and internships with leading cultural institutions. MIMESIS aims at providing graduates with ideal qualifications for a broad spectrum of professional careers.