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Evidence-Based Economics (EBE)

Elite Network of Bavaria: International Doctoral Program

The graduate program "Evidence-Based Economics" (EBE) is a joint undertaking of the Universities of Munich, Erlangen-Nuremberg and Regensburg. Its objective is to provide doctoral candidates with the methodological skills to work at the frontier of theory-guided evidence-based economics. The main innovation of the program is the integration of theory, empirical methods, and policy analysis. Doctoral candidates will be introduced to important applications of the EBE paradigm in different fields in economics, among them three research areas in which the members of the core faculty conduct their own research: "Individual behavior and long-run outcomes in health and education", "Incentives in firms and markets", and "Institution design constrained by social norms and material incentives". Additionally, the participating universities are in close cooperation with firms, non-profit organizations, research institutions, and leading scholars worldwide, both in training and research supervision.
The first year of the program is devoted to acquiring the necessary methodological competence needed to conduct research in the field of EBE and to develop first research ideas. The second year focuses on defining and developing a research agenda while the third and fourth year are reserved to writing and finishing the thesis.